Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't you just love having one of those annoying off-kilter days? Not!

I know everyone has had these kind of days, so I'm not even going to ask the question. Just going to share my day that started off-kilter and has continued to stay that way.

Got up later than I wanted. That's not so unusual in itself because I'm a true night owl and don't feel or act right until it's at least mid morning. But I've got to make a change at work to get there on some days by what I consider to be an un-godly hour to be ready to do anything for real - 6 am. That means I've got to get up at 4:30 am and in bed by no later than 10 pm. I'm just not used to that. Normally, by 4:30, I've only been asleep for about 2 hours. So ... obviously I need to get up earlier on my days off and get to bed sooner. I tried, but it just didn't happen. Oh well. not the end of the world if I got up later. It is my day off. I can deal. Will just have to drink some sleepy tea tonight in preparation for tomorrow's early rising and going to work while the moon is still in the dark of the wee am hours and the men folk are still sound asleep.

What I'm not enjoying today is my computer somehow playing pranks on me and jumping all around like it's hopped up on some sort of ADHD medication and skipping from place to place in Word and page to page on the internet. Don't like that at all. I usually read my daily horoscope for fun and then forget it just as soon as it was read, but I am wondering if there's something going on with Mercury being in retrograde and messing with all electronics today. But, again, I can handle my computer going wanky as long as it's not a permanent adjustment and it doesn't appear that is the case.

However, my dryer on/off switch decided to quit working between loads and that has done in my very last nerve. Of course, I just had to wash and dry the bedding first, and then wash my wardrobe I want to wear this next week. The bedding is dry and folded. But no, the dryer switch wouldn't start and my clothes are now sitting wet and crinkled. I tried to make it work with a turning of the pliers, but with my blind eye and lack of patience with the broken switch, I figured I better stop and wait for one of the Hyorth's who have better vision than I to see if they can get it fixed. Or else, I could make it worse and it might require even further attention. I did hang up some of my clothes to air dry, so not all is lost.

And now, I must rapidly bring this to an end, because the electricity is flickering on and off and I will once more be rather peaved about an electrical something gone wrong. Maybe I could go work on setting up a clothes line once again in the back yard; but, alas, it's starting to rain.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wild woman dance workouts good for the soul

Geez whiz. What a gorgeous day it was here in Asheville today. It didn't quite hit 60, but it's supposed to reach that temperature tomorrow. After all the snow and freezing temps we've had lately, it made me downright giddy. I didn't actually get to enjoy it myself, except during my walk from the parking lot to my regularly scheduled weekend duties, otherwise known as work. But just because I didn't get to enjoy the sunshine myself doesn't mean I didn't fit some exercise in today. I like those heart healthy aerobics that also includes a workout for other muscles like abs, or biceps, triceps and even the calves. Sometimes I'll put together my own routine, also known as Tracy's RockAerobics.

That's usually best done when no one else is in the near vicinity. Tracy's RockAerobics is simply a wild woman dance workout to my some of my favorite tunes downloaded on my ipod. Dancing like I used to on those disco floors or those jerky moves I enjoyed during the alternative 80s of Talking Heads and R.E.M. Even Madonna is good when it comes to a dance workout. Whatever. It doesn't really matter. Music turned up as loud as I like and just letting it all go.

Just letting it all go ... something I probably need to do more often. Sooooo good for my soul. And beautiful days that tease of springtime certainly don't hurt either, even if only enjoyed for a brief three-minute walk. Hints of what's to come ... and more wild woman dances. Oh yeah.