Monday, February 20, 2012

First contact: Solving my adoption puzzle

This is the very first article I ever had published. It is about my first conversation with my birth mother and a note to my adoptive parents. It took many hours of editing and re-writes to get it ready for print. I was, after all, a very inexperienced writer at the time. Twenty-nine years later, I realize the title should have been something like 'The beginning to solving my adoption puzzle,' because my story continues to unravel today. This was first published in the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate where I worked at a newsroom typist and aide and began my writing career in 1983.


Friday, February 10, 2012

We're not quite flying around in George Jetson type cars ... maybe soon

I am totally all over the place today. Metaphorically that is. About the only thing I'm doing around Asheville is having dropped Zach off at school and going to pick him up soon. Not sure I'll look much different from the hippie attire I was wearing this morning - me wrapped in a purple Indian blanket, wearing my 'life is good' warm jammie pants and a black & white toboggan hat to keep my ears warm and bed-head hidden. (Hey it's Asheville ... I looked not at all out of place for an early morning mom drop-off and besides, it's my day off.)

Nope. Where I've gone today is around the world on my laptop and tablet. Made new friends. Learned what's happening in issues important to me. Just doing some internet cruising. Amazing when you really think about it. Who'd a thunk it? And if you remember when calculators cost over a $100 bucks, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Alphie read me a tweet he'd gotten from someone, somewhere, this morning: "Fifty years from now, your kids are not going to want to listen to you talk about twitter."

Yep. That's for sure. Zach could care less now when we tell him we only grew up with maybe - maybe - four TV stations and that's only because we both lived in or near big cities. And he surely isn't interested in hearing about how hard it was to find a good radio station if you happened to be visiting somewhere out in the boondocks of Texas. He sits, nods and smiles. Surrounded by his smart phone, ipod touch, laptop, all while flipping through Pandora radio. He's saving up for some wireless headphones.

We're not quite flying around in George Jetson type cars as I'd hoped we'd be doing by now, but that time may happen in Zach's lifetime. Amazing. Just amazing.

P.S. And just in case you're wondering, I won't be wearing by favorite purple blanket when I go to pick Zach up, but I am going to have that 'boggan cap on. It's cold outside ... ;)