Monday, April 25, 2011

Buying that Texas ranch and apartment in New Orleans French Quarters

I really thought my numbers were up this time. I was going to be the single winner of the $750+ million in last Thursday's North Carolina Cash 5 Lotto. Because .... I'd bought 5 tickets from two other set of winners, amounting to a total earnings of $5, in that day's Cash 5 Lotto. Perfect. Five is my one of my numbers and last Wednesday (the day of purchase) was a number five day, according to certain numerology charts. I'm not really sure about all that numerology stuff, but I do live in Asheville and I was here when all the whirly twirly ideas really started taking root all those many years ago. You couldn't turn a corner downtown without someone offering to read your charts for 20-25 bucks. Anyway, the lottery winnings had gotten way up there. It was going to be won by someone that night. Might as well be me. Right?

I hardly ever play the lottery. And I never used to play it except maybe when I was in some other state on vacation and thought 'well ... just maybe.....'

'But it's the economy, stupid.' I don't visit my favorite dancing, drinking or eating spots as much as I'd like any more. In fact, don't get out much at all right now. Do take advantage of a home delivery service that makes and leaves a week's worth of organic meals right at my front door. I'm not a total organic veg head, but the food is good (albeit usually needing a few extra spices), healthy, prepared by someone else and breaks down to about $7-$8 a meal. No cooking necessary. Heat up and chow down healthily. Another great type of business for a place like Asheville.

But back to my #5 day.

I was so danged positive that my numbers were up that I checked them in the early hours of the next morning. I never do that. The quick pick tickets I do sometimes buy are usually stuck for days down in an old, stained coffee cup in my car that is loaded up with other little pieces of papers ... and my driver's license. I even have to remind myself to pull them out and check to see if I maybe won a dollar. But not this time. I just had to look on the Lottery website and get ready to claim my big bucks. I'd soon be waking up the family screaming, "I won. I won. Gonna buy that Texas ranch and New Orleans French Quarter apartment now. Yee-haw!'

Of course, it was not to be. I'd have been better off keeping those numbers stuck down in their protective Styrofoam shield for a few more days. Because then, I would still have been thinking I was at least possibly the newest overnight sensation made rich by the NC Lottery. I'd read headlines waiting for the unknown winner to come forward.

Oh well ... like I said, I'm not really sure about all that numerology stuff. But I can say this: I'm even less sure now.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Planning on parking my derrière out by a fire pit in the woods

I've been far too busy lately. Not that busy is bad, particularly since it's been a while that I've been 'far too busy' because of my bad eyeball and all. But it's not been a harmonious sort of busy that my soul needs. A giddy-like happiness of a child without a care in the summertime.

I'm changing that this weekend. Finally getting to enjoy a full weekend off where I don't have to be at work at 7 am Sunday morning, thus cutting my Saturday night lights off at 9:30 pm, in preparation for the early rising.

Hopeful we'll get some sun this weekend, but if we don't, that's okay too. Going to spend much needed time with my family, extended family and aim to find someplace to park my derrière other than on the couch, too exhausted to deal with much else. Preferably out by a fire pit in the woods, nearby a grill and a cold, frosty filled ice chest.

Weather permitting, I plan to plant some roses, some wildflowers, deal with the fact that my spring garden might just have to be a fall garden and get the ground prepped for the sturdy stuff like peppers and tomatoes. Dig in dirt and compost until I feel Mother Earth deep down in my bones.

I'll be busy this weekend ... but it's going to be a very welcomed kind of busy.