Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just another Saturday night in Asheville

Awesome Saturday night. Drove through Lake Julian to see Holiday lights with Alphie, Zach and his girlfriend, singing Christmas Carols to which we didn't know all of the words. Lots of humming. And giggling. Dinner afterwards, down south. Been a while since I've been out that way, so it was a welcome change.

Then met a friend to sing some karaoke in downtown Asheville. She, of course, sounded better than I, but we didn't care. End of the night, 300 lb bouncer carrying some 120 lb dude over his shoulder. The girl working the door went and got his?? car, bouncer threw him in back seat. Window down, the poor fool's foot 
hanging out the window. I have a feeling girl working door drove his car from the club's parking lot to somewhere around the corner, shoved his foot inside the window, locked the door, threw his keys inside and left him there for the night. Ewwww, I bet that car didn't smell too good this morning. Just another Saturday night in Asheville.