Monday, June 11, 2012

My email to Asheville City Council regarding BID proposal

Dear City Council Members,

As a citizen of Asheville, I am against the Asheville Business Improvement District proposal. Many reasons I have stated publically and do not need to repeat here.
However, I do want to say that as someone who knows about and helped quite a bit with the revitalization of downtown Asheville, in essence the BID proposal is a large Community Watch program. I am in complete agreement with the downtown community if they would like to form such a program. However, I do not believe any taxpayer dollars need to be given to this privately-run group (even if Council decides to select the board and oversee the organization). The City of Asheville already provides adequate services to downtown. In all honesty, I believe the money, if given to BID, will most likely go towards administrative costs and not at all be used for the greater good of downtown.

If you agree to give this group money, then every other community in Asheville has the right to form a similar 'BID' group and come to City Council, expecting a similar percentage of dollars be given to their Community Watch programs. While it would be wonderful to do so for every community, there just isn't enough money to go around, as has recently been pointed out regarding raises of City employees. I do support putting money into other areas of Asheville, such as much needed sidewalks and public transportation, but not into such community watch programs as is BID.

Best regards,
Tracy D. Hyorth