Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beginning of my adoption story, in play format

This is an evolving process and I'm looking for feedback on the beginning. I've written it several different ways and I'm stuck. Would love to hear some feedback. Good, bad, don't care, whatever. Criticism does not bother me.


1.1.Lights up on Tracy center of stage, almost backlit.

Tracy: My story begins with her story. But she never wanted me to know about all that.

Lights down on Tracy

1.2.  Lights up on young Judy standing on box. Lights only on her.

Judy: It won’t fit.

Voice: (not on stage) Of course it will fit.

Judy: No, it won’t.

Voice: You’re being silly, dear. I just did the measurements a couple of weeks ago. It will be fine.

Judy. No, it won’t. I’ve gained some weight. ….  I am pregnant.

Lights out on Judy.

1.3 Lights up on two nurses, sitting at single, stark desk

Nurse 1: Well, we got another one coming here real soon.

Nurse 2: Where from?

Nurse 1: Big Spring.

Nurse 2: Where in the world is that?

Nurse 1: Somewhere out west ‘a Abilene. Another po-dunk in the middle of nowhere.

Nurse 2: When is she gettin’ here?

Nurse 1: Last week of July. Her family’s supposed to bring her. But I’ll check the bus schedule just the same.

Lights out on Nurses.

1.4  Lights back up on Tracy, sparse set, desk, laptop, floor-length lamp

Tracy: My first bus ride into the big city. How exciting. Not. It was a lonely, sad trip. Judy didn’t say much. Mostly she just read the romance novel (insert novel of the time here) she’d brought along to read. I think she touched me at least once or twice, maybe three times at the most. I felt her hand tap her tummy. I also felt fed and nourished. But I didn’t feel much of the ‘love thing.’ This would be my first – and last bus ride taken with my biological mother."

I know. Not much there right now, but that's why I'm stuck and wouldn't mind some honest feedback. I've told this story a million times. Wish I'd had a tape recorder. But I'm going the play route first, at least for now, and I'm not all that experienced writing plays even though I'e acted in many, many shows. It's not the same. So, lay it on me, will ya? Thanks, ya'll

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Daddy we named him Zachary John." "Everything's done?"

Zach's 16 birthday was yesterday. It was not so sweet, but it is one he will remember for the rest of his life. He broke his ankle this week and that has colored everything around his birthday. He did get the phone he wanted, and he got the universal gift that I think teenagers of every generation enjoy - cash. Overall, he's taking it pretty well, much better than what I thought he would. But, that just shows how much he has matured in the last year.

As I watch him to continue to grow and mature, I cannot help but notice small things about him that make me wonder, "Where in the world did that come from?" "Is that like me, or is that like his Dad?" "Or from some other blood relative?"

Well, it's easy enough to ask Alphie about his past. He was surrounded by all of his blood relatives. For me ... Zach is my first blood. I can't help but wonder what from my unknown background may pop out. Not thinking anything sinister, necessarily. (Although I have been told I had true outlaw blood relatives, I think I'm the one more likely to test those waters. Just kidding. Sort of.) No, it's just simple things that I may never know when they rear up. It's a very strange feeling and difficult to describe to those (which means most people) who have no idea what it's like to not know your relatives' history.

But back to Zach's birth. He had great timing. We had just published our bi-weekly magazine, so there was no weekend work ahead of us. We'd worried he might come on deadline weekend, and that would not have been such a great thing, especially for Alphie. But, no, Zach waited, showed his patience even while in womb. It had just turned midnight on the 22nd of October and we were watching a rerun of Law & Order. I was laid out on our 60's wrap around couch like a beached whale, uncomfortable no matter what position I tried.

Suddenly, I felt it. The gush of water that makes you wonder if you just pe'ed all over yourself before you realize that the time has come. The dam broke and the water came flooding, and flooding, and flooding down. Seventeen hours later, our boy had arrived.

As soon as I had fed myself and given myself time to marvel holding my first blood relative in my arms, I called my dad in Texas to let him know his grandson was here and that we had named him Zachary John. John being my dad's first name. A lot hard of hearing, my dad never really liked talking on the phone too much, but this was one phone call he wanted to take without his wife translating for him.

"Daddy, we named him Zachary John."

"Everything's done?" my dad replied, proving he had not understood a word I said.

"Yes, Daddy, everything's done? And it's all good."

"Well good, I'm happy."

Zach is going by John these days, says it makes him feel closer to his grandfather who left this earth four years ago. Zach believes he's still able to talk with his grandfather, particularly in his dreams. I so hope it is true. And as long as we believe, then it shall be.

The older John would be very proud of the younger John. Happy Birthday, Zach ... um I mean John. I love you more than you will probably ever know.

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's safer indoors than out on the road with all those bad drivers

I should be grocery shopping right this moment. I said I'd go just as soon as I put in a load of laundry. Well, the laundry is spinning and I have yet to walk out into the world to go and get some food in this house.

I hate grocery shopping. Again. I hate grocery shopping. I'm sure I'm not alone. I've never heard of anyone jumping up and down with joy, shouting "I love to go grocery shopping." Ok, so there might be some who like it, or think it's not that bad, but I'll bet a nickle that I'm part of the majority on this issue.

However, I push hating this particular chore to ... no, past the limits. I'm still not grocery shopping, am I? Nope, I decided I'd write about it instead. Really, really needed to update my blog so that's what I'm doing. I also don't like the time. It's 5 pm here in Asheville and the rush hour madness will last at least until 5:30. I know. Thirty minutes of rush hour traffic. Big deal. But it's getting worse. Others have learned our secret and are invading, thus creating longer traffic commutes here. Anyways, it's safer indoors than out on the road with all those bad drivers right now.

Ok, so 5:30 it shall be. I swear. Really. Hmmm ... what to do for the next 20 minutes? I know. I'm going to catch up on Twitter. Later, taters. Reminds me. Better put sweet potatoes on the shopping list.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Genius may have it's limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped

I've been missing my blogging mojo here recently. But, I'll be back. Sometimes I think we need to stop and just listen to whatever it is the universe is telling us. And, right now, my universe is telling me to slow down a bit, rest up for whatever really big is waiting for me around the corner. I can feel it. I'm going to one walk down the hall one day and run smack dab into something huge I'm supposed to be doing. It's going to take a lot of energy and is going to be incredibly exciting. I'll be rested, ready, willing and able.

As Elbert Hubbard once wrote: "Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped. I don't really know why I'm attracted to that quote right now, but there has to be a reason. I choose to think it has to with my "getting ready" mode so that I won't be handicapped with the stupidity mojo. Wish me luck.