Thursday, May 21, 2015

My David Letterman story: Scholarships for 'C' College students

I guess it's share a David Letterman story day. Here's mine. It was 1983. Maybe '84. I was working at the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate as a typist and newsroom aide and had begun doing some writing for the newspaper. I had also started taking classes at LSU. The editors told me I had to take some news writing classes because the Publisher said so. So I did. I was reading the info board in the journalism department and there was a notice about scholarships. Peaked my interest. Particuarly since I was paying my own full-time tuition. It was a scholarship from David Letterman, offering journalism students with a C average a full ride. Said not to bother if you had anything above. I couldn't apply, but learned a helluva a lot about David Letterman that day. Laughed my ass off.